The Shopper

What type of shopper are you? How Does it Affect Your PTA/PTO/PTSO Decisions?

Take Our Quiz to Find Out.

When you want to make a purchase, you:

A. Check your credit card balance first.

B. Check inventory and make a list of exactly what you need.

C. Call a friend to set a shopping date.

D. Window shop and never purchase.


If you selected A, You feel the rush of your purchase, love the smell of the new item, then question your priorities and feel a little bit of guilt when the bill hits. You are an Impulse Shopper.

If you selected B, You have no time to browse. You are direct, know exactly what you want, and hit your target. You are a Lone Wolf Shopper.

If you selected C, You love to make a date out of your shopping experience, be gone for hours, go to lunch and use it as an opportunity to catch up with friends. You are a Social Shopper.

If you selected D, You have difficulty making decisions. The idea of going out, fighting the crowds and standing in line is not appealing. You would rather sit online, look at hundreds of photos in minutes, read reviews and then go in for the kill. You are a Turtle or Online Shopper.

No matter which shopper you are in your personal life, I bet you have noticed some carry over into your decision making for your school and parent teacher organization. Scouting vendors for fundraisers or family fun events can be a little overwhelming. You should definitely shop around. Take time to compare quality, quantity, location of company, resources, customer service, profit margin, etc.

For the Impulse Shopper – Fun Services is for you; we have excellent customer service, quality of products, kid-friendly prices and all the tools you will need to have a successful event.

For the Lone Wolf Shopper – The decision is all yours. You don’t need to consult other members of your board. Lay out the benefits of holding a holiday gift shop in your school and go with the only company headquartered in Southern California with a proven history of success.

For the Social Shopper – Take your board or committee to Fun Services Open House at its headquarters located in Yorba Linda. You can meet the staff, see the gift items for yourself, eat a catered lunch and check out other fundraising ideas such as carnival games and casino night rentals. We guarantee you will have a fun afternoon. Check out our Instagram page @funservices #FunServicesOpenHouse for photos from our last event.

For the Turtle or Online Shopper – You don’t even need to leave your office or couch to check out everything you necessary for the holiday gift shop. You can take a look at the items, read the reviews and schedule your event all online. If you have questions, we have someone standing by to respond to your questions via an online form or you can pick up the phone and talk with a customer service representative. For more information, visit or

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