Fun Services Holiday Gift Shop vs Competitor

Yes, it is the time of year for PTA’s to make decisions on fundraising options and vendors for the next year. That decision can be a little overwhelming for PTA board members that have been to all of the conventions and are flooded with brochures, flyers, emails and personal conversations with sales representatives. All programs sound great, but are the vendors and programs right for your school?

Congratulations if you have narrowed down one of your fundraising options to hosting a holiday gift shop! The holiday gift shop is a risk free fundraising program that brings much joy to the students and families. Now that you have decided on the shop, you need to select a vendor. On the outside, the vendors may look similar, but you need to dig in deeper. Did you know that Fun Services is the ONLY holiday gift shop vendor that is headquartered in Southern California?

Benefits of hiring a local vendor for a holiday gift shop:
Products are hand-delivered to your school.
Products are carefully packed by Fun Services, placed in the care of Fun Service employees that value the products and are delivered to you.
Fun Services prepares its own schedule, not dictated by UPS or another shipping service, so you can call in the morning and have a better idea of when your products will arrive.
Fun Services provides our Ultimate Sports Center with Licensed merchandise from all of our California Sports Teams
Re-orders can be placed late afternoon and the products will still arrive to your school the next morning.
If additional items, marketing supplies, or replacements are needed last minute, PTA members are welcome to drive to our location to pick up what they need, or we may have a truck in your location that can drop off the items to you.
Items are larger and nicer because size and weight isn’t a factor on purchasing and shipping decisions.
Product costs are reduced for the students because delivery costs are less that shipping.
You can drop in the showroom anytime to look at items or discuss strategies for your school.

Again, congratulations on your decision to hold a holiday gift shop at your school! Year-round, parents and teachers share their sweet stories with us about a student or child that purchased an item and how excited they were about giving it to them and how proud they were when they were able to purchase it from money saved in their piggy bank. We work with over 300 schools in only a few week period, so call now to reserve your spot before they fill up. 1-800-300-6380.

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